What's going on everybody I'm back with another value pack article and if you are new or just getting into dropshipping this video is literally perfect for you and as we know the most profitable time of the year as an e-commerce owner is right now literally today when you are watching this article q4 is the biggest season of the year for e-commerce owners and the reason behind this is because people are online shopping more now.

Then any other season of the year we have Halloween black Friday cyber Monday Christmas new year's I mean this is the perfect time to start e-commerce drop shipping in this video I'm going to be giving you everything that you need to know to be able to make the most profit this upcoming q4 and of course you guys know.

I'm also here to be able to help you out in any way possible with a free consulting call I give out this free consulting call every single week to streamline your success with e-commerce for absolutely free and get all of your questions answered if you want to be able to take full advantage of this opportunity and another special giveaway all you have to do is three simple things the first thing you must do is in the comment section below comment the word q4 and what your goal is to be able to finish this quarter off strong the second thing.

You must do is go to my Instagram ac underscore Hampton and go ahead and give me a follow and the third thing you must do is smash that like button below and subscribe to this channel as I have never missed a single week on this platform and of course this giveaway winner from last week will be announced somewhere inside of this article.

So make sure you stay tuned the entire way through let's go ahead and jump right into this I need to know everything who in the world and where I need everything e-commerce revenue is expected to exceed over 200 billion dollars these upcoming months during this time of the year consumers are going absolutely crazy with online shopping as they are looking to spend up to five times as much as.

They normally spend these upcoming holidays this makes it a perfect time to be able to start your first eCommerce store especially if you've been looking to be able to get started and what I'm here to be able to help you out with is giving you the top five niches that you should be able to sell in q4 let's go ahead and jump into them alright so number five is led lights this time of the year lighting goes literally absolutely crazy Christmas lights and decorations are always one of the highest selling items this time of the year and why take my opinion when men lie women lie numbers don't so look at what this is currently saying on google trends you can see every single year for the last five years.

It starts peaking around October and then comes off and dies around January same thing for 2017 same thing for 2018 and we all know for the upcoming years as well I already know everybody's going to ask can't you just go buy lights at the store up the street and the answer is yes I mean you definitely can but as marketers, this is a time for us to be able to stand out there are a ton of led lights online.

That you can't go buy in any local store or at least be impressed to do so so try to find some that are unique that you have not seen in the market and make sure that you have a great landing page so you can start converting these customers number four is kids toys we all know that grandparents aunties moms dads sisters cousins I mean the entire family is looking to be able to buy kids toys and they don't know where to be able to start and Facebook is the perfect place to be able to sell them on so for you as a marketer focus on something that may or may not have a problem-solving aspect but has a huge buzz behind it.

This means that it's getting a lot of shares a lot of comments people are tagging their friends take advantage of this opportunity especially if there's a market behind the product one tip that I have with this niche is the way that you are going to market so when you're running Facebook ads and you're choosing different interests try old-age retirement home parents with kids that are under six years old target these specific interests so you can be able to have the right audience that is looking for your products number three is Christmas and I mean.

We all know that this is an obvious one because we do know that this is when people shop the absolute most so yes during the Christmas time there are so many products I can be able to sell but you can really wipe out your competition if you put even more focus right on your store so when customers are coming to your website they want to make sure that they are getting the deal this upcoming holiday just like target Walmart any of these big companies you want to make sure that you're advertising just like them so on your home page just like this as an example.

You should be able to highlight the exact season that we're in so if we're focusing on Christmas right here in this banner it should say something like Christmas sells you can also take full advantage of this with the apps that you have on your store so this means you're not just highlighting the benefits on your store but also with your product description even with the apps that you have so this could be like SMS bump this could be abandonment car protector this could be sweet upsell making sure that any customer who comes to your website either.

They leave or they buy from you they know that they're getting a huge deal from you and if they're not buying from you that's how you get them back with those special abs and when it comes to the products don't just look for something like led lights as that's the only aspect of Christmas I know some people who have some wild Christmas setups and again this is something that you can take full advantage of and I mean here's some examples right here so for example here's a toddler tree that you can see is going absolutely crazy.

This is something to keep the kids entertained during the Christmas season such as a problem-solving product or something that sells very well because of the season and as you guys can see it has 4 600 comments over 16 000 shares obviously there's a huge buzz behind it alright so look at this product right here this is another wow factor that you can be able to sell during the Christmas time as you can see this isn't a problem-solving product but again it sells very well right now.

You can put this on your refrigerator on your oven on your microwave just giving your home that Christmas feel so again look at the buzz behind this product this is just another way that you can be able to take full advantage of this holiday and I seriously want to make sure that you guys have the most success and of course the most profit this upcoming q4.

So if you have any questions about this video at all or just any questions in general or you're feeling stuck or you're looking to be able to get those results that you really want to get this upcoming q4 you guys can go to my Instagram ac to underscore Hampton and dm me the word youtube.

You can dm me the word youtube

so I can be able to help out in any way possible as it's not about how much money you can make in this world but how much knowledge you can teach others to be able to change their lives which brings me to my next niche which is a home appliance and I mean this is the peak of problem-solving products people are always looking to do things around the house whether it be inside or outside they're just looking for a project now the easiest way to be able to acquire customers within this niche is showing them an advertisement to a problem that they didn't even know that they had until.

You showed it to them now look at 

this product that trended everywhere on Facebook at this exact time last year it's a portable ultrasonic washing machine and I'm telling you right now I'm just gonna be honest I went absolutely crazy with this product and trust me I never thought what it'd be like not having a dishwasher but if I didn't this would be the perfect product to have especially when I was in college let's be honest this would have been a perfect time-saver to have so especially for this niche or really any product that you're trying to get impulse buys from there is always going to be a great significance having a problem-solving aspect and not just this product works well but again all home appliances go absolutely crazy in the season and as we go to ad spy and we look at the biggest products that we're training last year would.

You look at the first ones that show up so this is 18 handy tools in one again great for home appliances and last year alone from September 21st to December 20th this had over 14 000 comments and over 17 000 shares oh would you look at that again another problem-solving product so this was from November 18th last year to December 1st it went freaking crazy 10 000 comments 36 000 shares again another great Christmas gift now.

I just want to be clear do you see in their headlines how it says the perfect Christmas gift 50 off this is a way as an advertiser that you can sell any product by just showing off the holiday that we're in and making the customer think that they're going to get a huge deal from shopping from you now before we jump into niche number one if you are currently advertising today make sure to check out this video right here so that you can be able to focus on profitability this upcoming month and knowing exactly how you should be able to advertise.

With now with you getting all these sales these upcoming months it's very important that you put yourself in a position to keep your business running like a business and we all know when you're processing a lot of orders there's PayPal holds there's Shopify holds and you need to put yourself in a position to be able to avoid this and for me to be able to keep my store automated and in the right standards I always like to be able to use track short allows you to be able to sync tracks from PayPal and Shopify for every order that you have this allows you to be able to avoid problems with PayPal by being able to upload tracking numbers directly to your PayPal transactions so when customers are buying from you through Paypal.

They can automatically see their tracking number 

the last thing that you want to be able to do is have a great product working for you a great advertisement working for you you think everything is going great and then you get a PayPal bans so to show you how useful this app is it only takes a couple steps for you to go ahead and set this up the only thing you do after downloading the app enters your store information connect your PayPal and just like that you're done setting it up and all of your orders will be tracked from here on out.

I mean it doesn't get any easier than that go ahead and check out the link in my description if you're looking to be able to use track short this upcoming q4 now that you know how to not get your PayPal restricted or any of your other accounts restricted during the most important time of the year let's go ahead. 

And jump into niche number 

one and that niche is going to be baby products and if you guys know I've had some great success with baby products and this is one of my favorite things to sell at this time of the year now I know that this is similar to toys but this is more of a focus on toddlers and babies a product that I was able to scale like crazy in q4 was a baby bed parents were looking to keep their kids safe. 

And relatives were looking to be able to help out these parents in any way that they could so what did I do and what do I advise you to do is utilize emotion effectively on your product pages all throughout q4 and you will stand out from your competition. 

And you will start having these people not into just traffic but into real purchasers now that you know the top five niches that you should be selling this upcoming q4 it's time day one yes today to take action so it's time for you to start selling these products today marketing them correctly around the holiday and when traffic comes to your store you're driving this traffic into real sales stand out by having better advertisements stand out by having a better product page and again always put yourself in a position to wipe out your competition and by doing all these little tweaks and improvements that I mentioned inside of this article today you are bound to have success this upcoming q4. 

And trust me I can't wait to continue to create this generational wealth with each and every single one of you guys and talking about generational wealth it's time to announce the free consulting call winner from last week's article and the winner of the free consulting call from last week's article is William jumbo William congratulations on winning go ahead and reach out to me on Instagram at ac underscore Hampton let me know that you won we can hop on a Zoom call look over your q4 products look over how I can help you scale in any way possible.

And getting you those results that you deserve and if you're looking to be able to streamline your success with e-commerce and putting yourself and your business in the right position this upcoming q4 make sure to do all three requirements that I mentioned at the very beginning of this video I hope that this video was able to teach you guys the power of q4.

And why this is the perfect time to be able to start drop-shipping I can't wait to be able to continue to drop these value pack bombs each and every single week for you guys and I'll see you guys next week this is ac and I'm out they gonna want a piece when you got it like that like jigsaw fast.

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