Top 25 modern military shotter games for pc

The tops 25 PC modern military shooters arranged by play score the play store is an average of gamer and critic ratings number 25 call of duty black ops 4, of course, we begin the list with a Call of Duty title one of the industry's best-selling first-person shooters takes us back to the forefront in a war for the future it's the first of the series to completely remove its single-player campaign giving more focus so it's already impressive multiplayer modes such as its standard online battles and zombies in addition to that among them includes the addition of a battle royale mode called blackout where 100 players Duke it out in a fast-paced shooting action it receives a play score of 7.

Number 20 for Medal of Honor 2010 was a simple year where triple-a military shooters including EA don't include shady business practices like loot boxes and microtransactions multiplayer modes select from three unique classes that give you an edge in the battlefield the first was at its peak during the early days and most of the players enjoyed the heck out of it receives a play score of 7.

Number 23 Tom Clancy's the division the sequel may be out but the first game did introduce us to a new yet familiar concept in shooters it integrates role-playing elements into its bustling third-person shooter gameplay which gives more freedom to the players set in a post-apocalyptic open-world New York your task as part of the elite group of the division is to find the source of a mysterious viral outbreak its multiplayer aspect was one of the divisions strongest points engage in competitive firefights with other players in its dark zone an online-only area where you show your enemies whose New York's finest it has a play score of 7.

Number 22 Crysis 3 Crytek's proud creation paved the way for groundbreaking visuals in a first-person shooter game it was graphically demanding at first it even gave birth to Crysis memes which was all the talk back then although the franchise is well known for its impressive graphics and futuristic themes this third installment was the weakest of the trilogy the story mode was a common subject of criticism it was weak and it's simply not the strongest aspect of three, fortunately, it's multiplayer was better with solid frame rates and hardcore moments mainly and it's well-received hunter mode it has a play score of 7.

Number 21 Sniper Elite v2 if he wants a real sniper game look no further Sniper Elite is rebellions critically acclaimed military shooter nothing is more satisfying than witnessing the game's iconic bullet cam wear every skillful shot rewards you with a smooth slow-motion celebration of blood and gore while its single-player mode is great it's multiplayer is fun too it takes two to tango as you play with friends and it's cooperative online modes or let them join you in your story mode adventures it has a play score of 7.

Number 20 day of infamy straight from the shadows of insurgency new world Interactive's mod is a visually stunning military shooter that feels like a Steven Spielberg film set in the heart of World War 2 engage in close quarters combat with realistic shooting with an authentic supply of weapons realistic here means you die in one shot zero HUD UI and crosshairs making every engagement feel like you're really fighting for your life it has the same multiplayer modes with this urgency which is a team-oriented game work together with your buddies and choose whether you want to be a part of the access or the allies it has a play score of 7

Number 19 titanfall one of this eras renowned first-person shooters respawns futuristic action shooter not only introduces a fast-paced environment as a proving ground for veteran players it also injected a met gameplay where a new call on your massive robotic buddies from the sky to aid you in your battles fight in six on six matches set in the confines of a science-fiction colony called the frontier it has a play score of 7

Number 18 call of duty modern warfare 3 every gamer knows about the story of Captain Price and his band of soldiers this award-winning first-person shooter place Infinity Ward on top of the map delivering a military shooter with an engaging story impressive sound design and gameplay polish it's multiplayer is where the fun starts supporting local and online split-screen option flex your hard-earned kill streaks or coin streaks with your 360 scopes and more it has a play score of 7

Number 17 battlefield 4 when there's Call of Duty bears battlefield although the story is not as good compared to Modern Warfare's its multiplayer is one where you spend most of your time with just like Call of Duty this is the game where you get to showcase your hard-earned first-person shooting skills but it's rewarding online gameplay prove who's the best of the best and it's notable modes like deathmatch conquest domination and squad deathmatch it has a play score of 7.8 six number 16 insurgency sandstorm another team-based tactical military shooter from you world interactive like insurgency this is a realistic take on the brutality of war where players die in a single hit battle across expansive maps in up to 16 vs.

Player game modes or 8 player cooperative against AI now with a machine gun mounted drivable vehicles its immersive action continues to push the length of the shooter experience as you team up with your friends and engage in thrilling close quarters matches it has a play score of 7.8 6 number 15 vetted done unlike most of the games 


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