Reality's a bit too much right now but at least we have video games PC is home to many great titles including mm RPGs these huge community-powered games might temporarily keep us at bay amidst this global crisis of all the 20 and Counting entries in our database here are 10 of the best PC mm RPG so far all arranged by play score you can find the complete list on our website what to play commlink in the description box below be sure to like share and subscribe and don't forget to hit that notification bell number 10 I'll be on online opening this list is constantly a part of steams top 50 most played games to this 

Guild warfare they have it despite a myriad of similarities Albion tries to make itself different by injecting its in-depth player economy players can even go tending to their farm and homestead if they need a break or extra cash it's no easy feat as the path of success in every MMORPG is, of course, the grinding there's a whole lot of potential and it's character customization as well but that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fully experience the world of Albion has to offer and best of all it's free it receives

A play score of 7.3 9 together we must confront this enemy and unearth the truth number nine the Elder Scrolls online say the Elder Scrolls online embark on your own fantasy epic adventure similar to debauchery than the previous test titles this time you get to fully explore the massive world of the Elder Scrolls with your created character unfortunately blocked by a paywall PSO isn't a free game but since its release way back in 2014 the game is constantly updating with more expansions and story content, it's a time vacuum machine for hardcore MMORPG players despite Bethesda's aggressive microtransactions and pricey add-ons its latest expansion Graeme or lets you discover the bloody history of Tamriel with its new antiquity system and vampires ESO receives a play score of 7.

Number 8 boundless if Minecraft is too casual for you wonderstruck sandbox MMORPG might give you a handful of challenges in its voxel-based universe unlike Microsoft's Minecraft boundless has a player progression and a pretty in-depth RPG system if you want to take your journey to a whole new level as a sandbox title the world is limitless and the only limits to what you can create are your imagination provided you have the time and resources to do that, of course, boundless also enhances its playground experience with its seamless cross-play feature playing with friends or other players in the game's best feature it has a play score of 7.

Number 7 EVE Online speaking of boundless this space MMORPG from CCP games takes you to the infinite vacuum of space what sets EVE Online apart from the other titles on this list is its galactic exploration you're not constrained to be peaceful Eden full of flora and fauna in EVE the galaxy is yours for the taking if you're up to it still rocking an active player base leaves community-driven content is what keeps it from dying each player has their own space voyage from countless options PvE and PvP is but a small part of its grand science-fiction playground building and maintaining your own spaceship is its core objective powered by its loyal player base the game's thriving economy is something to consider in your journey as well a play score of 7

Six number six Terra if anyone wants a taste of a good old MMORPG Terra's the quickest way to experience it without much of a hassle it's free and it still has enough players for you to interact and experience it with as a 2011 game it has been through a lot as gaming continues to evolve over the years Terra has its fair share of improvements including graphics and gameplay upgrades for old players it's the game that they keep coming back for despite its ups and downs for amateurs it's a unique take on the genre with more player freedom as a free-to-play title it encourages everyone to grind for that powerful gear but like every game in the market there's always a downside Terra is still active but according to some it's now on life support a play score of 7.

Number 5 10/10 Tamagotchis paved the way for a love of digital monsters then pokemon and Digimon came into fruition giving us a never-ending supply of monster pets to take care to evolve and use them as our Guardians Tumtum goes on a similar note you could say it's a blatant copy of pokemon best features but no it's more than that sure there are similarities but it's taking inspiration from activities such as co-op makes your quest easier as well as its endless replayability including building your own abode and of course monster battles [Music] it's still in its early access so there's still a lot of things to work on however despite its early stages the game is receiving positive reviews from various outlets and gamers themselves it has a play score of 8.

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