Top 10 hack slash pc games

These games are ranked by plates for its standard rating that averages gamer and critic reviews opening our list of top 10 hacks and flash PC games is I see this indie side-scrolling hack and slash adventure was an unexpected hit during named icy but it goes way deeper than l that the devastated the game will break the fourth wall thus calling it a metagame while the action is stylish and dazzling the game prompts the player to go in a straight path moving away from protocol gives the game a bizarre feeling of where are we now Who am I it's one of it's finest points which made it an instant hit takedown cyborg creatures and get drawn into its fast-paced combat but mind the objective or not if we get the play store of 8.

Zero 9 is Prince of Persia the two Thrones alongside capcom's Devil May Cry series this was one of the early hack and slash games that became a reference point for the future Legendre after the events of the Warrior Within following the Prince as he continues his journey of preserving time it's a darker approach to the serious story the most unique feature of the Prince of Persia series comes from its time manipulating element and enable two players to slow down three wines or basically change the tide of each danger with the flow of time stabbing and slicing enemies with your dagger of time is essential aside from that it's also a puzzle platformer that enables you to solve mechanical puzzles with the use of time it's an instant classic receive the play score of

.2 5/8 is Devil May Cry 4 special edition Capcom gift to mankind marks its fourth return its Devil May Cry at its peak its special edition enables you to play the series scream Fatale and Virgil as additional character Capcom never fails to amaze everyone with its stylish actions crazy one-liners and a soundtrack so hardcore it's on a Devil May Cry game without sweet metal music additionally the game offers more refined combat and an additional difficulty setting just like its original two characters are playable in the game's main story Nero and Dante himself it's divided into two separate stories of interweaves in the game hi max stop a religious threat now where's Devil May Cry 5 we do a story point doing 7

Diablo 2 the hacking flash game that started it all spawning a generation of action RPGs and most of the games in this list before you wax nostalgic and yell at us for putting it so low expel a game from the year 2000 and it falls behind several key innovations but for its time Blizzard second Diablo title is practically flawless in execution so much so that thousands still play it today not only for its multiplayer option but also for its equally enjoyable single-player campaign it improved over the clunky original title with its fluid and friendly combat awesome bosses and exciting drops don't even get us started with a secret cow level it was so fantastic it was almost addicting and it holds 12 today with a play score of 8

Darksiders play as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and immerse yourself in literal post-apocalyptic earth stripped of his powers by the sacred charred Council war has one more chance to find truth in the devastated planet or faces bloody execution caught between an angry choir of angels and demonic forces of hell you must do whatever you can to restore your honor mount the fury ruin and carve your reign of chaos across the vibrant planes of existence solve puzzles wield a unique arsenal of weapons and weave the Rotella Schneier active whether or not it's too easy or too hard one thing's for sure it's fun as hell it has a play score of 

Tales of force area the sixteenth in a series that has lasted over two decades Bandai Namco presents us with the tales a game that manages to be both fresh and faithful to its long-spanning formula instead of tales as usual joyful atmosphere expect a darker adventure as you embark on a quest for vengeance in the world of desolation journey along with velvet Crow and her party of diverse characters brought together by the struggles in their giving will release a year after hysteria this prequel both a variety of welcome improvement basket smooth frame rate helpful hotkeys and polished combat system generic environment and backtracking locations aside their serie provides an emotional experience with storytelling and lovable character as a play score of 8.

DMC Devil May Cry ninja series reboot of the series puts Dante and Vergil on center stage explore Dante's origin story and take part in his exploits as a demon hunter coming to terms with his identity well it's still more devil than angel Dante has a few tricks up his sleeve take rebellion burning ivory up for a spin in a demon controlled limbo city that's outburn Nephilim blood work together with Virgil and stop the demon king Mundus from taking over the world with his new half-angel moves that call upon a Cyrus and arbiter to dash across gaps or pull enemies closer while it differs in many ways in the classic series it's still the same hack and slash fun the police quarry 8

Third is grim dome it's not unusual for crowdfunded games to blow up into historic masterpieces but Grim Dawn is something else entirely despite its limited budget great entertainment managed to create a game of delivers old-school hack and slash action and thanks for reading

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